Officer David Bailey (deceased)

Adam's Partner, recently killed along with the last of the squad in a warehouse firefight


If Adam was the golden fleece of the recently wiped out east side gang-squad, then David was it’s black sheep. Known for his substance abuse problems and explosive anger David was going on his second black mark when he joined up with the same task force as Adam. Despite his flaws he was exceptional effective at his work, and was strongly dedicated to his teammates and partner.
More important in his partnership with Adam was the fact that they both had lost someone to urban violence before joining the force. This common bond drove them together, making them an effective team despite there differences in reputation. Before joining the force he was already a regular at the jump house, and made a regular habit of dragging Adam along for a drink after patrol.
In addition to Adam he left behind Lucy, his girlfriend of five years and the mother of his only child. They are both living in with his parents, Adam has yet to reconnect with them after funeral.


Officer David Bailey (deceased)

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